Flying Circus Balloons
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Our Rides | Flying Circus Balloons

This ride is perfect for families! It is designed to let you spin around as much as you want, at a speed that you are comfortable with. It is called ‘Balloons’ as you will be lifted up into the air as you are spinning around! A firm favourite, year in year out.
Flying Circus Balloons
Flying Circus Balloons

Tokens Needed

2 per person

Rules & Restrictions

·         Height restriction 1 meter

·         You must be as tall as the black and yellow line to ride unaccompanied by an adult

·         Take extra care when entering and exiting the ride as surfaces may be slippery

·         All riders must pay

·         Decision made at operators discretion

·         No single riders during peak periods

·         Keep arms and legs inside the car at all times

·         If in doubt do not ride

·         This ride will only stop in an emergency

·         Secure all valuables/loose items as management cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage ride operator’s decision is final

·         Not suitable for those with access needs


  • Participants take part at their own risk
  • Participants must have no pre-existing medical conditions that could be aggravated by taking park in this activity
  • Pregnant women must not ride or take part in this activity/ride
  • You must not ride if you have had an operation within the last 12 months that through taking part in this activity the object of the operation could be aggravated
  • You must not take part in this activity if you are intoxicated by alcohol or drugs.
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